Supporting Players

It’s important that all of our players, managers, referees, and members feel protected on the pitch, but also supported off the pitch. Football is an immersive sport, we rely on teammates on the pitch, we get guidance, we get support – for 90 minutes on the pitch, we can focus on a collective goal and be completely immersed in something aside from our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, when the 90 minutes are over, we find more and more people struggling with their everyday lives. A football team is a social space, but it can also be a lonely one, and it’s important we always support each other off the field too. Knowing what to look for if someone is struggling, or if there’s something you can do to help, can make the world of difference.

You don’t have to have a history of mental illness to become affected; we all live such highly pressurised lives that feelings of sadness or anxiety can come on and engulf us before we even know what has happened. Work stress, difficulty with family or in a marriage, the breakdown of a relationship, problems with alcohol or drugs, death – there are so many things which can lead down a dark avenue for someone. Unfortunately, far too often, that’s a dark avenue that many people feel there is only one way out of.

We want to provide information and resources to help people have that reassurance that beyond the football pitch, there is always support, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.