Only Sport Ltd Division One


4th February 2024

Third Lanark v Kelvindale

Fairhill Athetico v Sarry Red Star

Muirend Ath v Southside AFC

Cambuslang FA v South Camlachie

The North v Men Utd

11th February 2024

Sarry Red Star v Cambuslang FA

Third Lanark v Muirend

The North v Kelvindale

South Camlachie v Southside AFC


14th January 2024

South Camlachie 3-4 Cambuslang FA

Kelvindale 1-0 Muirend Ath

The North 7-2 Sarry Red Star

Men Utd 3-3 Fairhill Athletico

Free week Third Lanark

21st January 2024 

Cambuslang FA 4-2 The North

Men Utd 4-2 Third Lanark

Fairhill Athletico 3-1 Kelvindale

Sarry Red Star 3-8 Southside AFC

Muirend Ath 2-5 South Camlachie

1stTHE NORTH AFC15121269313837
2ndCAMBUSLANG FA14120270343636
3rdSOUTH CAMLACHIE15101474353931
4thMEN UTD AFC169344540530
5thFAIRHILL ATHLETICO1791749351428
6thSOUTHSIDE AFC1571759491022
7thKELVINDALE AFC166194362-1919
8thTHIRD LANARK AFC1531112560-3510
9thSARRY RED STAR1530124193-529
10thMUIREND ATHLETIC1603131955-363